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The Lesser Known Tribes of Mizoram

Quarantining has got me nowhere to travel or explore - not even to explore Mumbai. So, I have been reading a lot about the places about their culture. Something, I have love doing anyways. But #SelfIsolation and due to COVID-19 , I have got some more time to read and learn about the different places.  I have been to North-East India , but there are still places left to be explored. During coronavirus lockdown I got sometime to talk to some of my long lost friends and we were discussing about our plans, where somehow the conversation about Mizoram popped up. This was then attracted me towards them and below is my study and some travel information that might also inspire you to visit Mizoram. Mizoram is a landlocked state in North East India .It is a land of rolling hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. It is majorly a hill state with plains scattered here and there. Its southern part shares long international borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, and northern part share domest

Blessed And Blissful - Road Trip To Ahi-Kshetra Jain Temple

Serendipity, serenity, and self - three magical words that solely defines this journey that redirects you from our-worldly illusions to inner peace and self-discovery. We all were remotely taught a word called “Almighty” but were never taught about how to find that being. Well, turn inwards. It's in you, or it's you. Travel to Calmness A place of faith and travel, a combination that is guaranteed to attain a goal one set for. A few months back, during a long weekend that encountered our busy lives, my family and I thought of missing Lucknow's peace and discover our own away from Lucknow. We decided not to waste time here in Lucknow visiting the same old shopping malls and engaging in a meaningful traffic jam caused by sane Lucknowite, we arranged our own journey as I had already cleared about this “travel bug” biting each one in my family.  And if you think finding a sensible place around Lucknow is a cakewalk, you should have it daily. We looked and search