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AULI - Some Realisations & A Lot of Mesmerisation!

When I first started my travel journey - especially my blog, it was all about the experience. Meeting new people, explore new places, and to be honest it became more about mountains later on. It was after I started working, I started traveling more often. No, it wasn't because my parents did not allow me, they are the coolest parents, but I wanted to travel with my own hard-earned money. Having said that, I discovered a lot of new things. One of them being adventure sports. I am an enthusiast, I love exploring new things. When my parents planned for an impromptu trip to Auli, I was over the moon. I had heard many stories about people visiting Auli and seeing their pictures - finally, it was I who was ticking another destination off my list. Traveling to Auli was a delight - I was traveling in a mini-bus after years. We were a group of two families - eight people. And the experience was going to be nothing less than surreal. You have homecooked snacks every now and then, there are t

This Hill Station could Possibly be my Retirement Home!

Retirement plans! Woah....sounds so mature and serious matter, right? A 26year old girl, who has somewhere started her career in the media industry, writes her blogs, shares her experiences in the form of storytelling - thinks of retirement? Or rather has  retirement plans ? huh, strange! Of course, it isn't about retiring now or that I am taking life too seriously. My OG blog readers know that I travel with the utmost interest to explore places, create memories, share those in the form of stories. And what could possibly be my ultimate goal? Well, travel the globe and ultimately share stories. What better than writing with a view? A beautiful view of Mussoorie from the Gun Hill point A  glimpse of the Snow covered mountains from some point at Mussoorie A picturesque view of the Sunset in Mussoorie I am aware that many people might mock it saying, "You cannot work or write when you have a pretty view!" That is why I say this place is going to my retirement home and not ju

Looking For A Weekend Getaway for Summers? Visit This Town!

Bhimtal, a holy town in the state of Uttarakhand that is blessed with lavish natural beauty! The town is renowned for Bhimtal lake and sacred places which have made it a must-visit place from Nainital. Anyone who is visiting Nainital must include one day tour to Bhimtal. It is located at the height of 1370m and can be easily reached by road from Nainital. To reach Bhimtal from Nainital, one has to cover a distance of just 22 km. Bhimtal isn’t just a perfect place for family tours, but it also makes an ideal destination for a honeymoon tour. It’s a common destination for honeymoon couples. And also it has become a holy place for its connection with Bhima. It is said that once Bhima had a visit to Lake Bhimtal and from there the town has got its name. For sure the town is famous for its holy places but it has got many places where people get to indulge in adventure and can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Himalayan range. Read my Blog on Uttarakhand and how it changed my perception Ph

How Uttarakhand Changed My Connect To Mountains

In the lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand, I have covered a lot of things. I have done my part of hiking, camping, a road trip, and a blogger meet as well. However, it was earlier before my blogging days began, I tagged Uttarakhand mountains as “chote pahad”, which means small mountains. I have no freaking reason why? During my conversations with fellow mates, I would be often heard saying, “Mujhe chote pahad nahi jaana, let’s either go to Himachal or Kashmir now, enough of Uttarakhand!” Quiet guts, I must say. Today after traveling on my own in the last 4 years, gaining ample experiences, it comes as a shame for me when I remember saying this.  (Request you to take no offense, since this was said out of no knowledge and 10 years back!) Uttarakhand In A Gist Uttarakhand And Serendipity So, I had this opportunity to visit Uttarakhand yet again. This time it was after 2 years. I had travel planned from Delhi to Dehradun, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Rishikesh, and Haridwa