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Travel Edit: Winter Travel Essentials

“I love traveling!” Did I tell you something new? The ONLY “new” is that it really does not matter to me what weather it is while I am traveling. The part where the weather plays a great role is “what do I pack?” Striking a balance between travel and fashion holds extreme importance. Why? I believe many of the “self-acclaimed travelers” would love to adorn stylish ensembles to pose for their pictures . Well, I don’t find anything gross in it, but smart packing is a much appreciated, I believe. Also, you cannot carry too many fancy clothes when you are traveling. According to me, travel wardrobe should be warm, cozy, comfortable, and light at the same time. By the end of the day, it is you who is going to lift that bag up on your shoulders, girl! So below I showcase you the 5 Travel Edit for Winters . Essential #1: Sweatshirts Do I even need to tell you? However, for the style factor, carry a thick warm sweatshirt it is super stylish and is very comfortable while you

Plan. Pack. Travel.

Bonjour Les Amis, Nope, I am not packing for Paris as yet, although my packing list is ready. However, it is just that my fascination for the City of Lights has increased many fold in the last 24 hours. Paris, New York, or Rio - a corner in our soul is always tempted to define our whole being as a global traveler. Every morning when I see a global map hanging on the wall of my room, this temptation goes wild and weird. Something punches from within and pushes me to pack whatever comes in hand, put on the shoes, and move out of the breathing graveyard. But you know what, this blood rush often makes you forget things that are essential for you while you pull your backpack on your shoulders. When I was made to jump on a bus heading towards Sunauli on the way to Kathmandu , I realized a couple of things I could have packed.   Being a girl traveler, it is essential to have a list of things prepared well in advance to ensure you do not forget a single thing that could th