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A Travel Yet Not Made: Navratri in Gujarat!

Navratri. This is one of those festivals that I feel to have a mystic connection with. I wish I could ever express my deepest feeling to narrate what this festival means to me. Indeed, this festival has a special place in the heart of every Gujarati. I am not a Gujarati but for me, it has meaning that connects with my personality and character. The reason being a Mata Rani Bhakt (if you connect a spiritual aspect) and the other is that I often get engrossed in this ever enchanting environment and the enigmatic impact it leaves on me. Pure energy, sheer positivity, vividity of colors, and above all the fragrances that only I can smell. Besides anything else, Dandiya or Garba (or whatever way you pronounce) has different connotations. It is because the night long dance throws all negative vibes out and reincarnates the body, the mind, and the soul. I do not have answers to your where, how, and where, but the connection became natural to me in last few years. Every year thi

Incredible India: From Trails To Tales

Hello Readers, Being an avid and passionate traveler you think of exploring the world. But you know what? When it comes to exploring our own country is a devastating task. Every city you travel, every new place leads to another turn. There are a number of places you must have not heard of! The Indian subcontinent is one of the most diverse countries on planet Earth, a fact, which is known to all! India has some of the coldest places in Kashmir, the wettest city in the world- Cherapunji, one of the hottest places of the world-The Thar Desert and some beautiful beaches and magnificent architectures that are hard to miss. There a number of sagas those are told about India and its spectacular cities. Every city speaks for itself, unique in its own way and has something for each traveler. Explore the North where it hosts to you the Himalayan ranges snow covered mountain ranges, the splendid temples of the South, the culture and traditions of the East and the beaches and

Come, Be With An August Company. Me In Jaipur, Rajasthan

A text on my t-shirt reads; Shopping? No, Chocolates? No, Travel? Yes. Driving through the green fields, riding through the creepy paths, crawling on sand dunes, or walking through the icy hills - the life finds the most satisfactory reflection of its own in grading the backpack and start walking randomly in the direction of your choice. I never knew when this wanderlust became an integral part of me. Each trip has always added a different facet to my persona and has made me a person more earthy and more content with myself. Each journey, including this one to Rajasthan in general and Jaipur, in Particular, has enriched with an amazing amount of knowledge, enlightened with the facts unknown to me before, opened an extra window to the world and moreover, infused me the sense of real, practical world. Ever seen a kid experiencing something that he dreamt of? The excitement and gleaming eyes say it all that yes I finally made it!!! Same were my feelings when I got a chan

Being Travel-ish

"Travelling leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller." Hello Readers! A passing airplane has always fascinated me. Since childhood days till today whenever I hear the grumbling voice of a plane or a chopper I run to my terrace just to have a glimpse of it. I stand still and see it until it disappears amidst the clouds. It may sound weird to a few that a girl of 22 does this. But you may tag it as a curiosity and passion in me to travel the world and I feel that I am seeing a dream with open eyes that one day will be fulfilled. And before sharing with you all my travel stories, I would like to just give you a sneak-peak as why I am so passionate about travel, what attracts towards it! And I promise I would like to keep it short and simple and not at all boring! Well, traveling comes to me as hereditary from my Dad. He is an avid traveler and loves to explore places; back from his college days till today. However, I think Dad alone cannot