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Come, Be With An August Company. Me In Jaipur, Rajasthan

A text on my t-shirt reads; Shopping? No, Chocolates? No, Travel? Yes. Driving through the green fields, riding through the creepy paths, crawling on sand dunes, or walking through the icy hills - the life finds the most satisfactory reflection of its own in grading the backpack and start walking randomly in the direction of your choice. I never knew when this wanderlust became an integral part of me. Each trip has always added a different facet to my persona and has made me a person more earthy and more content with myself. Each journey, including this one to Rajasthan in general and Jaipur, in Particular, has enriched with an amazing amount of knowledge, enlightened with the facts unknown to me before, opened an extra window to the world and moreover, infused me the sense of real, practical world. Ever seen a kid experiencing something that he dreamt of? The excitement and gleaming eyes say it all that yes I finally made it!!! Same were my feelings when I got a chan

My Travel To-Do List of 2017

When I was eight, I was taken to the jungles by the Arabian Sea on the Gujarat-Maharashtra borders for weeklong holidays, and I thought I had discovered heaven. When I was ten, another fortnight-long trip to Rajasthan was waiting for me to happen. I thought I had found golden paradise. Honestly, I belong to the society where holidays are an integral part of the living style. Along with me, this list grew. Sometimes with family and most of the time with friends, I kept on traveling until I realized that now I need to earn if I want to keep on traveling. Isn’t that the main worry why Indian middle class finds it so difficult to go on holidays? I thought, holidaying is very natural to every Indian class, but realized wasn’t a case. Aren’t you yet clear with my intention? Never mind, I want to inspire you to plan your next holiday during the summers without worrying about the heat. This is the perfect time to take time off and spend some time with friends to disentangle a

Exploring New Delhi: My First Solo Trip

Hello Readers, Finally as promised, I am back to give you an insight into my trip to New Delhi. I don't know calling it a solo trip would be justified or not. As I had my friends meeting up, living at my relatives place and enjoying with a cousin. Why I call it a solo trip is because I was the very first time traveling without my parents.  The city proved to be a successful one. There were various reasons to make a visit. Since I wanted to change the air around me, have some fun, and release all stress. Therefore, without much wasting of your time, Have a look at my trip pictures!  I entered the Indira Gandhi International Airport. My first trip begins! Entering into "Dilwalo ki Dilli" had added up to my travel experience. Getting into the flight booking a cab and what not! Day1: Bangla Sahib Gurudwara: Front View The Gurudwara had a serene environment. The Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, New Delhi. I have always cherished my visits to the gurudwaras. Thi

"Who The Hell Cares?" Says Naila Arif when asked if she is affected by the people thinking she is high on attitude

Communication has always been a medium to know people more and get an insight of their lives. So, today I got to interview Naila Arif, 20 years old. Naila is pursuing her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from The University Of Lucknow. In the journey of discovering herself she found her love for writing. From writing journals from her first novel 'Remembrance' she has been doing it all. Full of life and caring less about what others think she loves to live her life to the fullest. Below is the intercepts of the short chit-chat we had: Who inspired you during your childhood days? Naila: My mum. She has always been there for me whenever I needed her. She was always been there to sort things out and support me, since I was the youngest one so was pampered a lot. Dad too, always made sure that I am provided with everything. We all have our hero in our parents, anyone else apart from parents that inspired you? Naila: Yes, my sisters and a lot of friends