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Hidden Mumbai Gems - Victoria Terminus Heritage Tour

Ae Dil hai mushkil jeena yahan,  zara hatt ke, zara bach ke  ye hai Bombay meri jaan!  Every time you hear Bombay, now Mumbai - this song is the first thing you can think of. You have this song buzzing in the background while all the others follow up. Huge skyscrapers - 40, 50, 60 are no more mere numbers, they are the number of floors that an apartment can have and is really no big a deal! From millionaires to poverty, from Dharavi to Parla - there is a complete India that runs here. You have a different scene everyday, despite the fact you follow the monotonous routine. Traffic lights are one place where Mumbai seems to halt - otherwise Mumbai is running always, 24 hours, 7 days! While I was out on a routine day at Dadar, the immense amount of rush, crowd, people my eyes could capture was way beyond my thoughts could actually reach. The only statement that came into my mind was: BREATHE MUMBAI BREATHE! Mumbai is a heartland, which is home to not only beaches, her

Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Elephanta Caves

Far away when something goes wrong, All you need is to calm down. It's easy to give advice, It's harder to be among one. Stand up and walk along, There's nothing else than your anger to bow down. The Girl in The City – All bucked up with enthusiasm, filled with the energy stored in the universe. All I had thoughts of sharing my head was to make the best of coming to Mumbai. It is no hunky-dory to live in a city away from your parents and be independent. This “I am independent” is a shit that needs to be earned and it costs a lot. I have been there; I was always of the notion that after you start to earn you have no worries at all. Well, my dear friends, the path is different from what you pave it to be. All this accumulated into a lot of mess in my little aquarian brain and it was desperately asking for an escape. Something new to explore, something new and interesting. And speaking of traveling , Mumbai has a lot of places to fill in the traveler’s appetite – from touris