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Places To Visit Without Worrying About Covid Regulations

A lot has already been said about the covid-19 and its ongoing variants. Now that things are finally open and running, we have started to live in the new normal. A lot of Indian travel destinations are already open for tourists. There are places where you need to follow certain Covid-19 regulations and there are others where there are no such restrictions. We are going to talk about the latter. So, here is a list of 5 travel destinations in India you can visit just like you did in the past.  Goa: The ocean side state is currently completely working and presently inviting guests all over India. If you love ocean-side views, and adventures, and want to experience the nightlife - Goa is the perfect pick. The northern beaches are typically loaded up with lively ocean-side activities while south Goa ocean sides are generally quiet and calm. You can even visit some popular places of worship in Goa like the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, Se Basilica, and Mae De Deus Church. Best time to visit