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It's been days I have met you, It's seems years I haven't sensed you, The sight is blurred, it's hazy, Missing you, they say, you are going crazy. Why do you like to go to the mountains? You trying to be a saint? Lead a saintly life? What is it that makes you happy traveling to the mountain s? These are certain questions which could be asked only by the people who have never been to the mountains, or they have a completely different way to see life (Of course, why curse them?) Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are the two prominent places, that I have been to and have thoroughly enjoyed myself amidst the mountains, hilltops, clouds and the complete landscape just leaves you speechless. It's the peaceful environment and the beauty of the nature that attracts you and in a way holds you back. Today, this blog is completely dedicated to my love for mountains. My love for the surreal nature that has played a major role in my life - stay, patience, and

Banaras - A "Sunny" Affair On A Chilly Day

"Autograph is more meaningful than an Autobiography" Just before the sunrise the tranquility of the sky and the river is most appeasing and the saffron beam of light makes the depth manifested. Waking up with a purpose to catch the glimpse of the sunrise - thats where serenity meets peace. Fort on the banks of the River Ganges overlooking the stream of water body. Sneak Peak: Early mornings in the winters amidst the chilly breeze and then arrives the star of the day. Praying to the Rising Sun :  Devotees after a plunge in the Holy River bracing the Sunrise. Always charged, Always Positive:  The sunrise rendering the River Ganges Saffron. Like I always say: When the Sun rises it paints everything Dark! The Siberian guests adding to the beauty of sunrise, just like an exquisite piece of jewelry on the neck of a woman. For more Picture Stories, Check out: The Speaking Eye

Rajasthan Travel Diary - From Dawn to Dusk Life Rhymes In Colors, Culture, Carvings, and Curiosity

For blind, the sun is the only visible cosmic element in #Rajasthan. The beauty beholder embraces the hues, the energy, the enthusiasm, and the liveliness of Marwadis. Location: Bikaner The nuance that sculptures, carvings, and artistic sense the architectures of Rajasthan add to the idea of India is mesmerizing and inspiring.  Location: Jodhpur Call it a desert, but it's more vivacious and colorful than the breathing graveyards. The palaces, the Havelis, the kothis and their texture, design, carvings, and razor sharp cleft - all magnetizes beyond one understanding. Location Jaisalmer The land of sands has flamboyance in every particle that adds essence to the social fabrics and composition to be resided as it's core. Location: Barmer Happily self-contradictory Rajasthan is quite quintessential with fortified towns, majestic forts, and lakes in desert. Location: Udaipur Quite ironically, Hawa Mahal was built not let the fresh breeze in but to stop

Luminosity of Lucknow

"Find Me Detour - The City Is Getting Freezed As It Feels Chilly Breeze" November Winds Flowing With Full Fulcrum To Jam The Streets to Built The Heat Location: Lohia Park Flyover, Lucknow Hazy sightedness, Lazy functionality, yet accelerated speeds. Location: Lohia Park Crossroads, Lucknow Fly Me High, While As Commuters Rushes To Their Bodes. Location: Women Power Crossroads, Lucknow Roadside Smoke Puffs, Tightened Arms, and Warm Words About Chilly Weather. Location: Sheroes Cafe Two Souls, One Ride, One Destination - Warmth to be nurtured in a chilly night. Location: Fun Republic Mall, Lucknow Walk the Warm Talks Amid Shivering Wind and Mild Splashes in the Gorgeous Backdrop Location: Marine Drive, Lucknow Slow Paced Lucknow- Goes into the "Sleeping Mode", Really? Location: Polytechnic Crossroad, Lucknow Tradition, Restraints, or Circumstances! The decision's on you. Location: Behind Wa

Old Lucknow Young Eyes - Not So Cliche Photo Blog

"The beauty of the journey could best be defined by you, the manipulation or the reality; choice is yours!" Direction - The only way a traveler can reach to her destination. This direction tree at the huge opening of the Bada Imambada, Lucknow leads to all the fascinating aspects and the towards the beauty of the monument. The journey begins: With the first step she builds a strong belief in her own self. A grand entrance and climbing, a few steps lead you to the entrance of the grand architecture of Bada Imambada, Lucknow. Discovery or the self-discovery? Her inner beauty murmurs as her journey to the gorgeousness begins. Before entering the Bada Imambada, Lucknow, you see this beautiful architecture of the historic times before which everyone looks tiny. Getting lost in directions, finding her way out - On her way she follows none but her heart The design, the engineering, the celature - Bada Imambada, Lucknow represents that times of high