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Hidden Mumbai Gems - Victoria Terminus Heritage Tour

Ae Dil hai mushkil jeena yahan,  zara hatt ke, zara bach ke  ye hai Bombay meri jaan!  Every time you hear Bombay, now Mumbai - this song is the first thing you can think of. You have this song buzzing in the background while all the others follow up. Huge skyscrapers - 40, 50, 60 are no more mere numbers, they are the number of floors that an apartment can have and is really no big a deal! From millionaires to poverty, from Dharavi to Parla - there is a complete India that runs here. You have a different scene everyday, despite the fact you follow the monotonous routine. Traffic lights are one place where Mumbai seems to halt - otherwise Mumbai is running always, 24 hours, 7 days! While I was out on a routine day at Dadar, the immense amount of rush, crowd, people my eyes could capture was way beyond my thoughts could actually reach. The only statement that came into my mind was: BREATHE MUMBAI BREATHE! Mumbai is a heartland, which is home to not only beaches, her

Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Elephanta Caves

Far away when something goes wrong, All you need is to calm down. It's easy to give advice, It's harder to be among one. Stand up and walk along, There's nothing else than your anger to bow down. The Girl in The City – All bucked up with enthusiasm, filled with the energy stored in the universe. All I had thoughts of sharing my head was to make the best of coming to Mumbai. It is no hunky-dory to live in a city away from your parents and be independent. This “I am independent” is a shit that needs to be earned and it costs a lot. I have been there; I was always of the notion that after you start to earn you have no worries at all. Well, my dear friends, the path is different from what you pave it to be. All this accumulated into a lot of mess in my little aquarian brain and it was desperately asking for an escape. Something new to explore, something new and interesting. And speaking of traveling , Mumbai has a lot of places to fill in the traveler’s appetite – from touris

Serenity, Serendipity, Serene - A Visit to Govardhan Eco Village

Lost in the woods here I go, Under the open sky the wind blow. Where is the rising sun I was seeking for? There I was waiting and questioning more. Lost in the woods here I go, Where the river from the mountains flow. Gathered my courage and stepped ahead, What you seek is seeking you, it read. This is one of those rarest occasions where I open up with my literary skills except for blogging. Just like every writing I have written down, I doubted myself a zillion times before opening up this blog that was supposed to be posted months back! I have always been a mountain person. I love to let loose myself in the midst of the woods, trek, walk for hours and just be with the nature. I have been working towards my passion - a passion I have always been dreaming to pursue. However, that should be a different blog completely. However, I got this amazing opportunity to visit Govardhan Eco Village at Palghar in Mumbai, run by ISKCON and is located on the Manor-wasa road in village Galtare, near

Khotachiwadi - In Mumbai Unlike Mumbai

It has been  four five  SIX months in the City Of Mumbai. Why the cut? Well, it is the 3rd or 4th time that I am working on this blog but could not fetch in time or peace to complete it. Well, this was my first exclusive visit to the city of dreams that I made in the second month in this city. The City well-defined with steaming hustle and the same madness of the crowd.  Finding peace in this city would seem to be a task far, however, it isn't that difficult.  To spread your arms, close your eyes, while you take a deep breathe might return with sounds of the hustle-bustle, dhols beating, loudspeakers playing with what an amazing bass, I must say! But to find your peace Mumbai has beaches, sea-faces, and KHOTACHIWADI. Khotachiwadi; meaning the name of the businessman who set this small hamlet (Khot) and house (Wadi). Portuguese style houses, just like the one you might witness either abroad or in Goa. To a matter of disbelief, this small hamlet is situated in

The Love Travel: From Delhi to Down South

Veni Vidi Amavi  We Came. We Saw. We Loved Mumbai - 40s, 60s, or era of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan - The Classic Love Story of Mumbai has never changed Delhi - Doesn't matter the chill, neither the fog...the chirping around malls in Delhi is all time high during the winters Jaipur - Subtle and sophisticated - the mushy-mushy syndrome instantly becomes mature here and finds a suitable nest during winters Lucknow - A few hearts know how to beat in each other’s comfort during winters Agra - All you need is faith and bravery - no not to fall in love but to be with love on a chilling evening for a fun ride Varanasi - The city of Sanskar does not find a couple hand-in-hand an alteration, but nurtures the social sanity throughout the winters Thiruvananthapuram - God’s own country sustains a strong footprint of pre-nuptial love stories that surface during winters. For More Picture Stories Check Out The Speaking Eye