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The Love Travel: From Delhi to Down South

Veni Vidi Amavi  We Came. We Saw. We Loved Mumbai - 40s, 60s, or era of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan - The Classic Love Story of Mumbai has never changed Delhi - Doesn't matter the chill, neither the fog...the chirping around malls in Delhi is all time high during the winters Jaipur - Subtle and sophisticated - the mushy-mushy syndrome instantly becomes mature here and finds a suitable nest during winters Lucknow - A few hearts know how to beat in each other’s comfort during winters Agra - All you need is faith and bravery - no not to fall in love but to be with love on a chilling evening for a fun ride Varanasi - The city of Sanskar does not find a couple hand-in-hand an alteration, but nurtures the social sanity throughout the winters Thiruvananthapuram - God’s own country sustains a strong footprint of pre-nuptial love stories that surface during winters. For More Picture Stories Check Out The Speaking Eye

Come, Be With An August Company. Me In Jaipur, Rajasthan

A text on my t-shirt reads; Shopping? No, Chocolates? No, Travel? Yes. Driving through the green fields, riding through the creepy paths, crawling on sand dunes, or walking through the icy hills - the life finds the most satisfactory reflection of its own in grading the backpack and start walking randomly in the direction of your choice. I never knew when this wanderlust became an integral part of me. Each trip has always added a different facet to my persona and has made me a person more earthy and more content with myself. Each journey, including this one to Rajasthan in general and Jaipur, in Particular, has enriched with an amazing amount of knowledge, enlightened with the facts unknown to me before, opened an extra window to the world and moreover, infused me the sense of real, practical world. Ever seen a kid experiencing something that he dreamt of? The excitement and gleaming eyes say it all that yes I finally made it!!! Same were my feelings when I got a chan