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Travel Edit : Summer Travel Essentials

“I um… where?” I inquired “As confused as ever” - Mirror smirked “Do you know how difficult it is for a travel blogger to find inspiration in clothes when nature itself motivates us?” I argued Mirror responded quickly, “Yeah, big words”. It seemed to me that I was losing the battle against myself, but no. My eyes were already chuckled and glued to something overwhelmingly beautiful. While I was checking out this stuff with twinkling eyes, came the voice from the behind, “Aren't you gonna pack light?” Mirror literally screamed. “Traveling is easier than picking up the clothes for traveling”. I console myself. “Traveling is so easy to maneuver, so quintessential and happening!” I mimicked the words people say about a traveler, traveling, and traveler’s lifestyle. the ever-so happening Life Of A Travel Blogger. The voice outside my head woke me up with the self-thoughts and commanded me to be super quick. “What a mess I have been!” I quickly moved, cleared the desk and bed

Mystical Yet Not Strange: My Walk Around In Agra

Overdue but An Unplanned Agra Trip The dullness was evident as soon as I entered the home from my guitar class. Enthusiasm, without which, I can’t live, was missing around as neither mom nor bro were excited. I even asked myself a question, “what they should feel excited for?” I did not know but the reason was in the making. We three were expecting dad and clock was walking away irritating me as dad hasn't arrived yet. Went of the doorbell, and I jumped to open the door with excitement. Actually, I was expecting a smiling face of the dad. Instead, it was all exhaustion that embraced me. The calmness that followed absorbed all my excitement. The reason, which was in the making 15 minutes back hit the road block. Banged the doors of the refrigerator, sipped water from the bottle with my brain and heart constantly having a conversation about adding some colors of the unknown land this weekend. Impulsively pushed the door to the room in excitement, “Dad can we…..” within t

Luminosity of Lucknow

"Find Me Detour - The City Is Getting Freezed As It Feels Chilly Breeze" November Winds Flowing With Full Fulcrum To Jam The Streets to Built The Heat Location: Lohia Park Flyover, Lucknow Hazy sightedness, Lazy functionality, yet accelerated speeds. Location: Lohia Park Crossroads, Lucknow Fly Me High, While As Commuters Rushes To Their Bodes. Location: Women Power Crossroads, Lucknow Roadside Smoke Puffs, Tightened Arms, and Warm Words About Chilly Weather. Location: Sheroes Cafe Two Souls, One Ride, One Destination - Warmth to be nurtured in a chilly night. Location: Fun Republic Mall, Lucknow Walk the Warm Talks Amid Shivering Wind and Mild Splashes in the Gorgeous Backdrop Location: Marine Drive, Lucknow Slow Paced Lucknow- Goes into the "Sleeping Mode", Really? Location: Polytechnic Crossroad, Lucknow Tradition, Restraints, or Circumstances! The decision's on you. Location: Behind Wa

Old Lucknow Young Eyes - Not So Cliche Photo Blog

"The beauty of the journey could best be defined by you, the manipulation or the reality; choice is yours!" Direction - The only way a traveler can reach to her destination. This direction tree at the huge opening of the Bada Imambada, Lucknow leads to all the fascinating aspects and the towards the beauty of the monument. The journey begins: With the first step she builds a strong belief in her own self. A grand entrance and climbing, a few steps lead you to the entrance of the grand architecture of Bada Imambada, Lucknow. Discovery or the self-discovery? Her inner beauty murmurs as her journey to the gorgeousness begins. Before entering the Bada Imambada, Lucknow, you see this beautiful architecture of the historic times before which everyone looks tiny. Getting lost in directions, finding her way out - On her way she follows none but her heart The design, the engineering, the celature - Bada Imambada, Lucknow represents that times of high