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Traveler's Diary: Put Your Phone Down, Please.

Traveling   or no Traveling Breakfast is one meal that I used to often skip. Why? I am just like most of you, sleeping late, waking up with an annoying alarm clock. By the time I wake up the time of breakfast is either gone, or I do not feel like eating anything! I guess this is the youngster syndrome I am suffering from. Do you too? “With time being, I have realized one thing I have made the poorest decision of choosing sleep over breakfast, every time.”  Indiscipline life, excessive social media usage, and a large period of time spent on the phone. Reading this statement, you might feel I am talking like your mother and would remind you of the memes trolling about mom's relating every other thing to your "Phone". I too have spent hours laughing on such memes and have a great time reading them even today. However, recently while I was on a solo trip an incident took place, which forced me to think about my irregular schedule.  While I was on my Solo Tr

SLOW - Evolution to Extinction

My recent visit to Agra Fort unearthed a mystery. Inadvertently, my brain was the spherical journey witnessing the unimaginable.  Were Mughal emperors accustomed to air conditioned rooms in their palace during summers? Air conditioning? In Mughal Era? Don't be surprised if my answer is as unimaginable as architecture in the Agra Fort. Mughals, through architectural enhancement, developed a mechanism that used to bring only cool air to their bedrooms. Strange? Maybe. What makes me choose this very picture as the “Spotlight of the Week” (SLOW), was the incredible era of art. Those minute detailing, those handmade carvings are the real essence of true craftsmanship. Talking about architectural excellence, Mughal Architecture mesmerizes you beyond imagination despite the fact that the whole architecture was built manually, and we, despite living in a technologically advanced era, are way too far from such excellence. Traveling has made me unleash such phenomenal architect

Blessed And Blissful - Road Trip To Ahi-Kshetra Jain Temple

Serendipity, serenity, and self - three magical words that solely defines this journey that redirects you from our-worldly illusions to inner peace and self-discovery. We all were remotely taught a word called “Almighty” but were never taught about how to find that being. Well, turn inwards. It's in you, or it's you. Travel to Calmness A place of faith and travel, a combination that is guaranteed to attain a goal one set for. A few months back, during a long weekend that encountered our busy lives, my family and I thought of missing Lucknow's peace and discover our own away from Lucknow. We decided not to waste time here in Lucknow visiting the same old shopping malls and engaging in a meaningful traffic jam caused by sane Lucknowite, we arranged our own journey as I had already cleared about this “travel bug” biting each one in my family.  And if you think finding a sensible place around Lucknow is a cakewalk, you should have it daily. We looked and search

Incredible India: From Trails To Tales

Hello Readers, Being an avid and passionate traveler you think of exploring the world. But you know what? When it comes to exploring our own country is a devastating task. Every city you travel, every new place leads to another turn. There are a number of places you must have not heard of! The Indian subcontinent is one of the most diverse countries on planet Earth, a fact, which is known to all! India has some of the coldest places in Kashmir, the wettest city in the world- Cherapunji, one of the hottest places of the world-The Thar Desert and some beautiful beaches and magnificent architectures that are hard to miss. There a number of sagas those are told about India and its spectacular cities. Every city speaks for itself, unique in its own way and has something for each traveler. Explore the North where it hosts to you the Himalayan ranges snow covered mountain ranges, the splendid temples of the South, the culture and traditions of the East and the beaches and

Come, Be With An August Company. Me In Jaipur, Rajasthan

A text on my t-shirt reads; Shopping? No, Chocolates? No, Travel? Yes. Driving through the green fields, riding through the creepy paths, crawling on sand dunes, or walking through the icy hills - the life finds the most satisfactory reflection of its own in grading the backpack and start walking randomly in the direction of your choice. I never knew when this wanderlust became an integral part of me. Each trip has always added a different facet to my persona and has made me a person more earthy and more content with myself. Each journey, including this one to Rajasthan in general and Jaipur, in Particular, has enriched with an amazing amount of knowledge, enlightened with the facts unknown to me before, opened an extra window to the world and moreover, infused me the sense of real, practical world. Ever seen a kid experiencing something that he dreamt of? The excitement and gleaming eyes say it all that yes I finally made it!!! Same were my feelings when I got a chan

My Travel To-Do List of 2017

When I was eight, I was taken to the jungles by the Arabian Sea on the Gujarat-Maharashtra borders for weeklong holidays, and I thought I had discovered heaven. When I was ten, another fortnight-long trip to Rajasthan was waiting for me to happen. I thought I had found golden paradise. Honestly, I belong to the society where holidays are an integral part of the living style. Along with me, this list grew. Sometimes with family and most of the time with friends, I kept on traveling until I realized that now I need to earn if I want to keep on traveling. Isn’t that the main worry why Indian middle class finds it so difficult to go on holidays? I thought, holidaying is very natural to every Indian class, but realized wasn’t a case. Aren’t you yet clear with my intention? Never mind, I want to inspire you to plan your next holiday during the summers without worrying about the heat. This is the perfect time to take time off and spend some time with friends to disentangle a