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Haridwar: How It Opened Doors to Spirituality

Pouring my heart out today, yet again. I have been brought up in a family that is secular, never been caged towards spirituality. My parents believe in one superpower above - the almighty. They took us to temple visits on travels and to every auspicious ceremony the Jain traditions have. I never opposed the tradition, I followed it without any questions taking their thoughts as the primary one.  It was gradually when I saw more of the world, met people, and had my share of experiences that I created my own views. Still never questioned what my parents taught me. To be honest they were never the "this is what it is" kind of people. They did their part of the work, and I followed it, even if I did not I am sure they would have had no issues. The reason is my younger brother is an atheist.  It might feel a little gimmicky, but it was during the year 2020 when there was a Shiva connection that struck my chord. It was the "Corona" year, I did not visit any temple, I saw