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SLOW - Evolution to Extinction

My recent visit to Agra Fort unearthed a mystery. Inadvertently, my brain was the spherical journey witnessing the unimaginable.  Were Mughal emperors accustomed to air conditioned rooms in their palace during summers? Air conditioning? In Mughal Era? Don't be surprised if my answer is as unimaginable as architecture in the Agra Fort. Mughals, through architectural enhancement, developed a mechanism that used to bring only cool air to their bedrooms. Strange? Maybe. What makes me choose this very picture as the “Spotlight of the Week” (SLOW), was the incredible era of art. Those minute detailing, those handmade carvings are the real essence of true craftsmanship. Talking about architectural excellence, Mughal Architecture mesmerizes you beyond imagination despite the fact that the whole architecture was built manually, and we, despite living in a technologically advanced era, are way too far from such excellence. Traveling has made me unleash such phenomenal architect

Take a Walk in and Around Fatehpur Sikri

“Every time I visit an enigmatic architecture, I find myself perplexed, left with a hungry heart, a satisfied soul, and the eternal question- ‘What next?’ ” Anecdote: Only a person with pure soul can enter through one of the doors of Fatehpur Sikri. The story goes on that the door was opened for the entry of Pakistan Prime Minister Musharaf and his wife. He sprained hi ankle while climbing the stair. Later on his wife came to visit the tomb of Salim Chishti and seek forgiveness.  Each door might tell different story. These were the rooms made for the orphan kids who took education in the reign of Akbar.  Secret Door - "Surang": The door led to the army to Delhi, has many stories hidden. Anarkali is supposedly said to have released from this very door, with the orders of Akbar. Without letting the time affect their determination, these walls, these pillars, have seen more reality than ever inscribed by any historian or a traveler. The tomb of Salim C

Luminosity of Lucknow

"Find Me Detour - The City Is Getting Freezed As It Feels Chilly Breeze" November Winds Flowing With Full Fulcrum To Jam The Streets to Built The Heat Location: Lohia Park Flyover, Lucknow Hazy sightedness, Lazy functionality, yet accelerated speeds. Location: Lohia Park Crossroads, Lucknow Fly Me High, While As Commuters Rushes To Their Bodes. Location: Women Power Crossroads, Lucknow Roadside Smoke Puffs, Tightened Arms, and Warm Words About Chilly Weather. Location: Sheroes Cafe Two Souls, One Ride, One Destination - Warmth to be nurtured in a chilly night. Location: Fun Republic Mall, Lucknow Walk the Warm Talks Amid Shivering Wind and Mild Splashes in the Gorgeous Backdrop Location: Marine Drive, Lucknow Slow Paced Lucknow- Goes into the "Sleeping Mode", Really? Location: Polytechnic Crossroad, Lucknow Tradition, Restraints, or Circumstances! The decision's on you. Location: Behind Wa