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The 100th Blog Post ~ GIRL AT THE WINDOW SEAT

Oh My God! I cannot believe the fact that OUR BLOG has 100 posts published! This is one feeling I have been trying to sync in for the past week now. Girl at the Window Seat started its journey as Girl Explorador - and since then I have used this medium to pour my feelings out.  The idea of the blog came into existence post a mandatory college assignment. The blog must have 5 compulsory write-ups published by a certain deadline. Once I had to decide the name of the blog, the niche, and design the blog - minutes into the process I knew this is not going to be a one-time thing. This is not just an assignment for me.  I started writing my blogs, published the assignments - which were my fond travel memories, and gave words to my love for travel. The journey of writing was never planned but destined. If anyone called me a writer or asked me if I could write - my constant mood was "not again!" I do not understand was it the inbuilt writer's procrastination or my irritating habi