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All About Northeast and its Music

India is a vast country extending from the mighty Himalayas in the north to the soothing ocean in the south, from the Rann in the west to the Brahmaputra in the northeast. Because of the vast extent, various regions of India have their own cultures. The northeast portion of India is connected to the mainland through a narrow passage, being secluded it has a distinct culture very much different from mainland India. India's North East is a land of undulating hills and plains with a luxuriant green cover and a wide variety of rare and exotic flora and fauna.  Music for most people is a form of hobby or recreation but the people of the hills have music in their blood. Even though it is part of their rich culture and tradition, people of the hilly North Eastern Region are plain good singers. They can naturally follow a tune; spontaneously hum a line or two, while the more gifted ones are innate to composing both lyrics and music. The music culture in the northeast has developed over tim

The Best Luxury Escapes in The World

Vacation is an experience that is compiled of different expressions and factors. Any luxury vacation is just like grandeur poetry, understood only by the beholder. It is a feeling of a potent brewed drink slipping down your throat and a burst of authentic flavors savoring your taste buds. Additionally, your mind just smoothly slips into a Guinness mode. Stepping out of your mundane routine, exploring a new culture, and creating a lot of fond memories is the best experience of all. Speaking of luxury as they say, if money is no object the whole world is a destination. There are many places in this world that one would love to experience. Some of them are coveted, some underrated while the others are just crowded on the touristy map. However, if you would want to add that extra to your luxurious extravaganza, below is a rundown of the luxury escapes in the world! Fiji Isn't visiting one island at a time such a mainstream deed? Well, Fiji is going to break that way of order. Most ofte