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AULI - Some Realisations & A Lot of Mesmerisation!

When I first started my travel journey - especially my blog, it was all about the experience. Meeting new people, explore new places, and to be honest it became more about mountains later on. It was after I started working, I started traveling more often. No, it wasn't because my parents did not allow me, they are the coolest parents, but I wanted to travel with my own hard-earned money. Having said that, I discovered a lot of new things. One of them being adventure sports. I am an enthusiast, I love exploring new things. When my parents planned for an impromptu trip to Auli, I was over the moon. I had heard many stories about people visiting Auli and seeing their pictures - finally, it was I who was ticking another destination off my list. Traveling to Auli was a delight - I was traveling in a mini-bus after years. We were a group of two families - eight people. And the experience was going to be nothing less than surreal. You have homecooked snacks every now and then, there are t