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Little Lhasa in India

Travel has always surprised me. To an extent where I have always seen myself left in awe. That expression where your brain concentrates on just syncing the view, your mouth speaks no word, and your eyes are twinkling with the sweet rush of emotions. One such beautiful destination was Mcleodganj. I had heard innumerable stories around this place via my childhood friends. Most of their first travel destination was Mcleodganj and Dharmashala. Whereas mine began with discovering South India - and that's a different story after all. But when you constantly hear stories from people about a prominent destination, it itches you to visit it as soon as possible. Oh, God! What is it with the place? Why have I yet not discovered it? Yet you keep traveling and unraveling destinations left, right, and center. But that place, but Mcleodganj. And the itch always lives in your unconscious mind. I had completely forgotten about this, but when I did reach the place, every story I heard, every sigh ac

Up Up And Away : My Paragliding Experience in Bir

Adventure travel is yet another categorization for some travel enthusiasts. I say some because it isn't a priority for me. I definitely love to try and explore new things never the main motive. Until...I did my first ever Paragliding in Bir beginning this year. 2021 had to be a new start we were all inside our houses in 2020 so since things were opening up, I decided to the least have a week-long vacation in the mountains. And it did happen. Also, there were many firsts on this trip. When I say, "MANY" I mean it.  Each and everything will unfold, with the unwrapping of each destination on this blog. So, you will have to be constant with the blogs that I have published regarding this trip. Speaking about the initial firsts, I had not planned the destination. Of course, I knew Himachal to be the destination but where in Himachal, what is the journey we are going ahead with. Are we going the Shimla, Manali path or is it going to be the Manali to Dharmashala one? We left ever