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This Hill Station could Possibly be my Retirement Home!

Retirement plans! Woah....sounds so mature and serious matter, right? A 26year old girl, who has somewhere started her career in the media industry, writes her blogs, shares her experiences in the form of storytelling - thinks of retirement? Or rather has  retirement plans ? huh, strange! Of course, it isn't about retiring now or that I am taking life too seriously. My OG blog readers know that I travel with the utmost interest to explore places, create memories, share those in the form of stories. And what could possibly be my ultimate goal? Well, travel the globe and ultimately share stories. What better than writing with a view? A beautiful view of Mussoorie from the Gun Hill point A  glimpse of the Snow covered mountains from some point at Mussoorie A picturesque view of the Sunset in Mussoorie I am aware that many people might mock it saying, "You cannot work or write when you have a pretty view!" That is why I say this place is going to my retirement home and not ju

Traveling and Living in the Moment!

I have been blogging for 4 years now, but never have been this enthusiastic to create content and free to live the moment. However, I have always been that girl. What happened? Did my parents change? No! I have the best of parents anyone could ask for. Some toxic people enter your life and ruin it like no one's business! Yes, we all deal with it. Not each one's life's as smooth as Vanilla. Truth be told none of our life's as smooth as Vanilla. We all have our share of downfalls/struggles. So, things have been bitter but now that it's back to being sweet 'n' salty - just like I want it to be, I do not complain here.  Speaking about traveling and being able to travel back to back for two months, I was not feeling tired at all. And all of a sudden when I came back from the trips and had all the world's time to think about my content - and just started editing vlogs, Instagram content, and blogs - I felt the emotions yet again - I love traveling. That is one

Tired of the tiredness and fatigue? Here are some Hea Energy Booster gummies for you!

With the country going through the second wave of Covid-19, we are back to square one, as we were in the year 2020. We are back at our home, working from home, doing the household chores with no house helps - all by ourselves. All these situations amidst these horrific and negative atmospheres make all of us lethargic. Doesn't it? I wish there was some magical energy booster somehow! However, I have been going through a situation where I am working on my laptop from my couch or bed and not moving for hours. Quite literally! I do get hit by self-realization of not being able to do any physical activity. One of the major reasons is the laziness that has hit me so bad. At one point in time, I increased my caffeine intake to let that haze disappear from my eyes. My constant mood swung between: - Unwillingness to move for small tasks - Sleeping at an odd time - Body pain/sore body parts - Feeling heavy These four conditions all were related because I had no energy left in me. And there