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This is How A Wholesome Trip Looks Like!

The universe speaks for balance. Well, let us just not go that far - even a good wholesome dish required balance in each of its ingredients. Why am I all of a sudden talking of balance and cooking..??? As I might just have hit that spot - where I call my trip "wholesome". Now, there are a lot of repercussions to it. My trip to Himachal was a break I needed post-Covid-19 situation. And it was with people I would trust until my last breath (I suppose! I should.) And it was not less than a roller-coaster either. This trip to Himachal was full of being a part of a story than just creating one. You get that right? Additionally, I have been very finicky in terms of my budget. And this trip made me believe in one of the most important aspects "Aanya! Girl you have earned it. You need to be free when you travel, use a mix of your heart and brain and not just the latter!" An illustration by me - on the Chunar Fort A wholesome trip to Rishikesh - Jai Maa Gange! This picture w