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Looking For A Weekend Getaway for Summers? Visit This Town!

Bhimtal, a holy town in the state of Uttarakhand that is blessed with lavish natural beauty! The town is renowned for Bhimtal lake and sacred places which have made it a must-visit place from Nainital. Anyone who is visiting Nainital must include one day tour to Bhimtal. It is located at the height of 1370m and can be easily reached by road from Nainital. To reach Bhimtal from Nainital, one has to cover a distance of just 22 km. Bhimtal isn’t just a perfect place for family tours, but it also makes an ideal destination for a honeymoon tour. It’s a common destination for honeymoon couples. And also it has become a holy place for its connection with Bhima. It is said that once Bhima had a visit to Lake Bhimtal and from there the town has got its name. For sure the town is famous for its holy places but it has got many places where people get to indulge in adventure and can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Himalayan range. Read my Blog on Uttarakhand and how it changed my perception Ph

Never Knew These Cycle Tours In India Existed! #ForHer

India is the land of the mystic beauty and awe. It is a vivid dream from which no traveller wants to awake. It is the destination where one can find solace and peace in things he considered small. It is the place where happiness is not measured but is like an incessant running stream. It is abode to thousands of Gods and is always willing to accommodate more because for Indians "atithi devo bhava" . But often we do generalise travelling with visiting. Visiting to India is a lot different than travelling to India. If you did the first you have not felt the real essence of this country but if you did the latter you have given true meaning to your journey. Many a travellers visit to India to search for something new but they leave empty handed. Only those achieve their milestones that are ready to travel through every milestone and travel the roads less travelled. We are talking about cycle tourism in India. Yes, you heard it right. India on bicycle, isn't it a fascinating

To the many firsts! My First Snowfall Experience in Manali

Have you ever felt that longing for that feeling to be sufficient? That longing for "skipped a heartbeat" moment? or That one moment where a trickle from your eyes makes everything blur yet so real? That one moment was when I experienced snowfall for the first time! I know it sounds too dramatic for a snowfall experience. But hear me out when I say that it is going to be 26 years of my life, some 16 years of traveling (of course with parents in the initial ones). Visited all kinds of landscapes, - from beaches in the South to Deserts of Rajasthan, to Mountains and cityscapes. But never snowfall! My heart was all pumped up to experience my first snowfall.  The reason for me being too extra for the snowfall is because I had pictured it so much that they want, the craving was nowhere dying. I know sometimes social media kills everything. Each moment or emotion you would want to experience gets smashed from the regular Instagram stories and overdone reels! But my emotions towards