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Down the Memory Lane: Revisiting Gangtok

  "I had so many plans...this year was meant to be my year...!" cribbed me sitting aimlessly lying on the sofa, with the night suit on, nicely champi-ed hair, and mom's special tea being served. This could have been a blessing for me,  BC! (Before Corona, I meant this, genuinely!)  I wanted to visit home for some good 15/20 days. However, work never allowed, and above that long weekends were always prioritized for some nice gateways. One thing that the year 2020 has taught me is to never crib for what you do not have. Each time you spend is a blissful memory in the making, which will be reminisced by you in the future. Each word written above is to be treated as a carving on the stone! What have we travel-enthusiasts doing all this year? #Throwbacks ! Ain't we? Well, I call it remembering the good old days. While cribbing on the sofa, I picked up my phone, and with that terribly frowned face, stretching all my face muscles against the gravity started shuffling throug