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I Travelled Amidst Pandemic! Guide and Details

“TRAVEL and FOOD are two industries, which will not see a recession ever!” “Recession ho ya Inflation shaadiya to hoti rahengi na? Log unpe laakhon croro kharadchte rahenge na?”   (Whether its recession or inflation, people will get married, right? They will keep on spending lakhs and crores on it, right?)  This one is a famous dialogue from one of my favorite Bollywood movies, Band Baja Baraat.  I cannot comment on the latter, but the former holds a solid stance. No one saw this pandemic or any such situation coming. No one can ever predict it. Of course, it was after the pandemic that there are stories of “interpretations”, “predictions” that were made years ago. To be honest, I neither like reading about it nor believing in it. Now that the situation is in front of us, everyone is speculating about the odds on the future of travel. The travel industry is certainly going to take a lot of time to the brim. Being a passionate traveler, it takes a lot of courage to accept this truth