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Take Time To Relax! You Deserve It

Travel is never a tiresome activity. We do not get tired when you are doing something you love from the core of your heart. I am not a full-time traveler. I work at a corporate organization, so for me traveling is an entirely different experience. However, I have never seen traveling as an escape from my work. It has always been a dream for me. I love traveling that's it. I can never explain what traveling means to me. It is the calmness of the sea, the strength of the rocky mountains, the movement of the roads, the serendipity of the snow-clad mountains, the satisfaction of a chatterbox when she communicates a local, the list can never end. The enthusiasm travel fills in me cannot be defined, however, post lockdown a lot of things have changed in me. I have seen my perspective toward life-changing. I am a hell of a judgmental person, that's changing, you never know I might become a full-time traveler - just saying, maybe a hint. There are a lot of times I have been ske

Here's How I Am Making The Best Use Of Lockdown

Covid-19 popularly known as the coronavirus entered our lives so casually and changed it drastically. The lockdown has brought our lives to a halt, a stop. For me, it has already been a month of lockdown. My office inculcated the work from home practice much before the official lockdown in India. In the initial time of the days, I was happy, moving around my flat, and doing my stuff. Little did I know that this was going to be a huge issue all around the world. The world is infected with the coronavirus. I had my tickets already booked for my home in the first week of April since my friend was getting engaged. Coronavirus canceled that too. Well, I am not sorry about it, since that was a much-needed step to be taken. What actually shook me was how all of a sudden our life has come to a halt? What has our life come to? So, below is a very personal note/write-up/understanding and observations. "Slow Down! You are running too fast in your life!" "He has grown too