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Is It OK To Travel Out Of A Personal Loan?

“My life, My rules, My Taste, My Money & My Journey” - with social media penetration, we are done with our lives, and there is rarely anything “My” remained. Regardless of age, each timeline is filled with pictures of picturesque locations, exotic food, lavish hotel rooms, and splendid sites of holiday destinations.  It leaves you with doubt if India has again become a golden sparrow. Alas. Indeed, the holiday season is here (I guess all around the year!). Indeed, kids are tired of studies. Indeed, you are tired of your boss and the mundane nature of work. There is no doubt that each of us needs a break because we understand the need for one. But, it is so convenient to seek leaves, pack your bags, and fly off to faraway destinations for a week?  Let's assume you have leaves stocked, parents are healthy, have no family obligations, airlines are flying empty, and hotels are not getting packed. Will you still be able to fly a foreign destination for a vacation ? The