Goodbye 2019 - The Decade of Mistakes and Learnings

It’s the rewind season going on. Most of the entertainment platform has come up with their user-personalized rewind. The list goes on from Spotify to TikTok and then there was the year’s most awaited – YouTube Rewind 2019. New Year marks a new beginning. However related or similar the previous year be, we have that set in our mind. Also, I think that’s psychological. And the thing is I personally set a benchmark for myself every year. I may or may not follow it throughout the year, but I have one and that’s definite. To be honest the year 2019 has been a creative year. Definitely learning and a beginner one. There were mistakes that I committed, and the list is huge by the way! Looking back, I feel those were more of learnings for me. So, I too have a blogger rewind in my own storytelling way.

I genuinely do not want to exaggerate things. I, like any other human being, has been through my own high and lows. Did my part of mistakes, took the shittiest decisions, made most random promises and took both unknown and risky challenges. Below is the list that goes on!
  • Trusting the world, but me
This has been the silliest mistake of my lifetime, not just a decade. People carry their hearts on their sleeves with me it was trust. It is now that I realize that I shouldn’t have doubted myself. I started working and taking decisions as per their advice and preference. One of the silliest things was when I trusted total strangers and not my parents. I would still gallop the poison of not trusting myself but the wound of not trusting them still hurts.
  • Short-tempered
We all know there is something wrong when you aren’t completely. My trust skills when went to 360, my soul began to show me signs. It was through anger. No one would believe but I started throwing things, break them to throw my anger out. The story doesn’t end here, I also started harming myself. Thankfully the idea of suicide wasn’t activated yet, but I bit myself, slapped myself and whatnot. Gosh!
  • Losing focus too quickly
Both the above reasons compiled to result in loss of focus. My focus became like that of a dog. I used to get frustrated, did not concentrate on one thing. There were so many things going on in my mind at once that it irked me so bad.

I have been a person who accepts her mistakes and works on it. With me, it is such that I never get too delighted to hear appreciations. The more people come up with honest feedbacks the happy I am. Of course, everyone tries to be as modest as they can be and not hurt my feelings. But with me, things have been quite opposite to this rule. 

Additionally, my blog and youtube channel will all the more see new things. The reason I had stopped making videos was my laziness and lack of motivation. To be honest have a handful of people around me in today's time. And these handful of people have been the crux for my upliftment in all the spheres of my life. From career to personal life to financial as well.

The following are few things I would like to add to my notes:
  1. Travel - Blog and Vlog about it
  2. Create More Content
  3. Watch More Content
  4. Read More Books
In a way, I would like the year 2020 and coming time to be more about self-development along with positivity.

So, below are some learnings, advice I learned the previous decade:
  • Take It Easy
Take it easy, girl. This is one learning I learned from my dad. He is a calm and composed person. He takes his own time in making decisions. If there is an urgent requirement of any decision – he still takes it easy. There is not even an iota of hurry, distress, or worry on his expressions. He thinks, takes out ways and then decides what’s the best.
  • Stop Procrastinating
My calm and composing way might sometimes take the shape of procrastination. Initially, I took so much time to decide one small thing that somehow it turned to ignorance or procrastination. However, over the decade, I have learned to just do things then and there. Take things out of your system once you have decided its shape and fate.
  • There is no competition outside, but YOU
One of my bravest learnings has been that of striving for the best from myself. Instead of comparing myself with others I have learned the art of competition. It is to become the best version of yourself each day. I make it a point to give an outcome of my work in a better way.
  • Patience is the key
The girl with the least patience level says this! Well, I guess that’s what learning is. There is nothing that you deserve, and you won’t receive it. I have been repeatedly saying this to myself and to others, “वक़्त से पहले और किस्मत से ज़्यादा ना किसी को कभी मिला है ना मिलेगा!” (None gets more than what they are destined nor before time)

Everyone has been talking about their favorites of 2019, or the decade and everything related. I genuinely am not exaggerating or philosophying things here, but I wanted to talk about my learnings and mistakes for the decade. To be honest, I feel to be a grown up person. I have my own childish behaviors but it comes with time, occasions, and company. However, before I keep on writing about the philosophies and knowledge, I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May this 2020 bring you double the happiness and success and learnings just like the numerals of the year!

I wrote this blog and was so at peace. One of the major reasons being I was at a New Year Vacay and I sipped my coffee mesmerizing the beautiful view.

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  1. Wishing you all the best for a successful 2020 and decade to come.

  2. I am the same - peace out 2019 I won't miss ya!

    1. Hahaha! Well, I wouldn't say I won't miss it, but yes , better not look for negatives at least.

  3. Loved your point about completion being inside of yourself. This lesson takes people a lot to learn I think.

  4. I’m so glad to see the back of 2019

  5. Happy New Year! :) It's a new decade, and I am glad you are looking forward to enriching your life like reading!

  6. You are able to go back and reflect on the past, this is one kind of mindfulness. I hope 2020 has big things in store for you.

  7. Really nicely written. Hope this decade brings more positivity for all of us.

  8. Happy New Year to you! What a insightful post where you figure out your negatives of 2019 but also that you have a solution for them.

    1. Happy New Year to you too. I never had a solution to my problems. I swear I still am a cry baby. But with my passion towards writing and work I learnt them slowly. Glad you like it :)

  9. I do believe every mistake made is a great opportunity to learn something new and become stronger. Cheers to a new decade.

  10. I feel like Losing focus too quickly is a big problem of 95%...

  11. We’ve all made mistakes and learned from them. I truly hope that you accomplish all your goals and aspirations this new decade. Happy New Year!

  12. What a decade, than you for sharing!

  13. Great writing. You should always look forward. I wish you a successful and prosperous New Year.

  14. Great article, wish you the very Best in 2020 to a very beautiful person Aanya!

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