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Tripura - The Lost Treasure

Kashmir may be a heaven and Kerala may be a God’s own country, but going beyond traveling, relating yourself to local culture and native people offers a vacuum. If it is only about absorbing natural beauty and clicking some unimaginable hues of nature, no corner of India is better than the other. It is, therefore, Aanya Jain took a different journey where life is so vibrant, hues are so original, culture is so unique, and yet can be perceived as one’s own. Picture Source: Unsplash Tripura: Bird’s Eye View Tucked under the north-eastern belt of India, a part of seven sister states, and one of the smallest but culturally rich states of India, Tripura earmarks the nuance of being at the core of Indian mythological history. The very essence of the state can be felt in the rhythmic and structural physical moves of ‘Hoza Giri’ dance that encompasses both the tribals as well as non-tribals - the heartbeat of the state. One of the rare secrets of India, Tripura leaves you at the loss

Road Trip 2020!

This Road trip was INSANE! You know there are times when you are well-aware that you want a trip so bad! You know you have to get out of that beehive shell of yours. You are completely aware of how important it is to just take that little break. It's just that you aren't sure if this is all you needed. I never realized I just need that one trip to the mountains. Well, this led me to plan a trip to Mussoorie. I am a travel-buff, if that is even a word! I will never nod a no to travel plans. Until of course I am a little crunch on my pocket. It had been months I had traveled to the hills. Definitely 2019 has been a blessed year with traveling. This is the ideal year I would always want to have. This year's resolution includes the same plan - however, way more productive, of course. Speaking of productivity, I have re-started my YouTube Channel and Vlogging, as they say. Make sure if you like reading my content you also watch my youtube videos - where like the fo

Goodbye 2019 - The Decade of Mistakes and Learnings

It’s the rewind season going on. Most of the entertainment platform has come up with their user-personalized rewind. The list goes on from Spotify to TikTok and then there was the year’s most awaited – YouTube Rewind 2019. New Year marks a new beginning. However related or similar the previous year be, we have that set in our mind. Also, I think that’s psychological. And the thing is I personally set a benchmark for myself every year. I may or may not follow it throughout the year, but I have one and that’s definite. To be honest the year 2019 has been a creative year. Definitely learning and a beginner one. There were mistakes that I committed, and the list is huge by the way! Looking back, I feel those were more of learnings for me. So, I too have a blogger rewind in my own storytelling way. I genuinely do not want to exaggerate things. I, like any other human being, has been through my own high and lows. Did my part of mistakes, took the shittiest decisions, made most random