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Face To Face - A Reality Check Much Needed

Before I begin with anything, this is my first post on the blog after months and there is a new name. Well, it was just recently when I did the most childish thing of my life. I forgot to pay the annual fees for my blog website. Yaayyee! Can I be more foolish? I could have restored the website, but it was costing me a whooping 7k extra, which I could not afford. This is a reality! Yes, no blogger would let you know that but me. Anyways, this blog isn’t about boasting about myself. It is about facing reality. Yes, there are 100s of people who have been letting the difference between real and unreal out. Alas! Social media and the well-framed faces make it really difficult to not fall for it. I have been an Instagram and social media addict. Why I specially mentioned Instagram, you ask? Because I am constantly on it, I close my phone, keep it aside and five minutes, I am back on it. I keep on refreshing my screen sometimes – when Instagram keeps on telling me “You’re