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That 17 Hours Train Journey - Storytelling

Its all about the Journey. Definitely, the destination, the stay, the sinking in the atmosphere, ambiance is going to be "The Thing" - it is definitely going to fill your social media feeds and all look colorful and uber cool. But hey! But to me it was, it is, and will always be the journey that excites me to another level. Also, I will admit off lately I have been traveling a lot this year - something I did not much expected, rather I did not wanted to break the jinx even if I expected my life to be this way - so no complains at all . And with traveling I was usually taking flights. There is definitely time saver with flights but I did not realize that I was missing something in my journey, until I took a 17 hours long train journey recently in one of my trips. I have been loving the storyteller in me, I used to observe people a lot but did not ever mentioned in front of anyone. I had no reason, no way to do that. I somehow did not knew the art to pull it out on my blo