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Traveler's Diary - How Do I Manage My Job and Traveling?

Hi Guys, It's been a while that I have sat down to write something for my readers, which is a one on one conversation. Of course, here, we could only communicate through comments and mails, and social media DMs. However, ever since I have been regular with my blog posts *touchwood* - it has just been a month and a half with the same, I have been constantly hounding myself - creating new ideas, new ways to communicate or bring out my stories to you. I have never been the quintessential travel blogger, who jots down the Where, How, and What to the travel - rather I had always tried to present my blogs in a storytelling format. Why - is the focus of my blogs. Reaching out to you the places which might be the most talked-about destination like the Taj or to the mountains Himachal Pradesh , or an ordinary place like a Heritage Walk , or catching a Sunset. I have always taken my blog as a medium to express my feelings, emotions, and providing my words a way to endorse them such a


It's been days I have met you, It's seems years I haven't sensed you, The sight is blurred, it's hazy, Missing you, they say, you are going crazy. Why do you like to go to the mountains? You trying to be a saint? Lead a saintly life? What is it that makes you happy traveling to the mountain s? These are certain questions which could be asked only by the people who have never been to the mountains, or they have a completely different way to see life (Of course, why curse them?) Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are the two prominent places, that I have been to and have thoroughly enjoyed myself amidst the mountains, hilltops, clouds and the complete landscape just leaves you speechless. It's the peaceful environment and the beauty of the nature that attracts you and in a way holds you back. Today, this blog is completely dedicated to my love for mountains. My love for the surreal nature that has played a major role in my life - stay, patience, and

Hidden Mumbai Gems - Victoria Terminus Heritage Tour

Ae Dil hai mushkil jeena yahan,  zara hatt ke, zara bach ke  ye hai Bombay meri jaan!  Every time you hear Bombay, now Mumbai - this song is the first thing you can think of. You have this song buzzing in the background while all the others follow up. Huge skyscrapers - 40, 50, 60 are no more mere numbers, they are the number of floors that an apartment can have and is really no big a deal! From millionaires to poverty, from Dharavi to Parla - there is a complete India that runs here. You have a different scene everyday, despite the fact you follow the monotonous routine. Traffic lights are one place where Mumbai seems to halt - otherwise Mumbai is running always, 24 hours, 7 days! While I was out on a routine day at Dadar, the immense amount of rush, crowd, people my eyes could capture was way beyond my thoughts could actually reach. The only statement that came into my mind was: BREATHE MUMBAI BREATHE! Mumbai is a heartland, which is home to not only beaches, her

Waah Taj! The Detox Trip I Longed For!

Wo eenth tha ya sangemarmar, Tha to wo bas ek patthar. Wo khaakh tha ya malmal, Aakhir kyun hai tera mann itna chanchal? Khoobsurti to teri aankhein mein hai, Aakhir tu kis firaaq mein hai? Iconic? Magnificent? Grandeur? Jaw-Dropping? It's Beautiful! No, I wasn't reading out thesaurus. Each time I have visited this place, I found myself lost of words to express my deep thoughts and mesmerization. I am talking about the TAJ MAHAL. Before I start pouring my thoughts into the blog just a gentle reminder, if not a saying, "PICTURES do no justice to this beautiful embodiment of beauty, this architectural bliss!" Quite honestly, I am left completely awe-struck whenever i have been to visit this historic architectural heritage we Indians are blessed with. And, if we do, I can't think of one. The least that I could collect my thoughts and sum it up is to say that there is no mausoleum more monumental, no architecture more m