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Khotachiwadi - In Mumbai Unlike Mumbai

It has been  four five  SIX months in the City Of Mumbai. Why the cut? Well, it is the 3rd or 4th time that I am working on this blog but could not fetch in time or peace to complete it. Well, this was my first exclusive visit to the city of dreams that I made in the second month in this city. The City well-defined with steaming hustle and the same madness of the crowd.  Finding peace in this city would seem to be a task far, however, it isn't that difficult.  To spread your arms, close your eyes, while you take a deep breathe might return with sounds of the hustle-bustle, dhols beating, loudspeakers playing with what an amazing bass, I must say! But to find your peace Mumbai has beaches, sea-faces, and KHOTACHIWADI. Khotachiwadi; meaning the name of the businessman who set this small hamlet (Khot) and house (Wadi). Portuguese style houses, just like the one you might witness either abroad or in Goa. To a matter of disbelief, this small hamlet is situated in