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And It's A Road Trip To Mukteshwar!

"Mukteshwar - Nature’s Own Oasis To Enlighten" And it’s a Road Trip! Ever since traveling has become a pure fuel – road trip has been on the wish list. Of course, like always you will all get to know the tinzy-minzy details of how it started, preparations, and the ultimate satisfaction. The God of Thunder, Lightning, and Rain had announced it from the beginning of the day that this day will bring in something more apart from the first showers of monsoon. While enjoying a sip of tea with my parents in my balcony – I took the topic of discussion to traveling! (No, guesses at all) I would love to go on a road trip one day, for sure! “Where to?” asked dad. “Somewhere in the hills” giggled me. “Too far?” he enquired. “Meh, haven’t decided yet,” “Are you planning something for me?” I questioned surprisingly. “Go to Nainital it’ll be a practice trip” Dad sipped his tea with the ultimate satisfaction. The next day I was packing my bags and making reservations and to-do lists. What