"Solo Traveling has never been a worry to my parents! - A lie never addressed."

Speaking about my parents they have always been curious to know the following (Yes, there are a bundle of questions!):

1. Where am I going?
2. Solo, With Friends, or Groups?
3. Itinerary

These are the major ones, the rest are decided and dependent upon the answers i provide them to the above questions. I would never claim myself to be a solo traveler, but an enthusiastic traveler at heart - who lives and breaths travel.

So, ironically when I told my parents - I want to go to Delhi, they readily agreed. Woah? Seriously? You send me to Delhi alone and ask me questions when I go trek to mountains?
There is a bunch of questions rolling on the internet that foreign travelers (Specially) ask:

- Is it safe to travel to India?
- Is Delhi a safe city for solo girl travelers?
- What are the kinds of clothes taken while traveling in India?
- Scams to avoid in Delhi

The above are the most asked questions of Quora and, let me tell you people have asked me such questions as well, So, coming back to my parents agreeing to let me go to Delhi solo - for them "protection" and "safety" have limitations to "you have relatives living there". *Slow Claps*

Anyways - I packed my bags as they knew I would not travel with anyone but solo, all they wanted me to do was to call them twice - in the morning and at night - while I am home, also in the middle (if any emergency). This was the drill almost in every trip.

Unaware of the genuine issues that a solo girl traveler has to come across, especially when it is the first time in The National Capital - Delhi, let me share with you my experiences and let you know the tricks and tips that you can make note of when in Delhi, India.


First things first, when it comes to commuting from the airport to your hotel, you must not fall prey of the pre-paid taxis and the cab services available near or inside the airport. Yes, there are a lot of scams that you might fall prey of. A few of them being - "I am unable to find your hotel, I guess it is closed" and then in their talks they would take you to a hotel where they have commissions or sometimes even worse. Therefore, you must prefer Sakha Cabs, powered by Women on Wheels, which offers easy and safe commute to lady travelers by women driven taxis. If not available, do not opt for Uber but OLA cabs.

Secondly, If you like to travel safe, secured, cheap, and quick - Delhi Metro is the most suitable and preferred commune for travelers. It has a ladies compartment in the front, so a Yay! for solo ladies. For short distance traveling, opt for Auto Rickshaws also known as "Tuktuks" or pedal rickshaws (But only in the daylight, and not in the night) for traveling. 


There is not a lot of issues regarding the clothes, but yes, you should be wearing clothes that cover your skin, avoid sleeveless in the metros - or rather carry a scarf which covers your arms, chest and hands - whenever needed. Adding to it, comfortable fitted denims and t-shirts, kurtis (Tunic tops) are the best suited for traveling. However, if you have a company along with you, wearing dresses is not an issue, at the end all I would say is that your safety is in your hand.


There are a few things that you must carry in your bag, especially when traveling solo. Depending on on the two seasons when you are traveling to Delhi, I have categorized the following list:


Sun Block Cream
Water Bottle
Wet Wipes
Mask - especially if you are allergic to dirt and pollution


Essential to cover your ears and head
Water Bottle 

Well, out of these, you must always have change currencies in your wallet. Try to pack as light as possible when you are exploring the National Capital. Also, there are a number of websites, which lets you travel like the local. One of them that I found was the


There are a number of options to stay in Delhi - from lavish luxury hotel chains to the budget hotels as well. However, you must check and reconfirm the prices and reviews before you check in the hotels. Trivago - is one of the most preferred website when it comes to the searching for hotels.

Also, keep in mind that when you are staying in Delhi you avoid going Solo at night times. The responsibility - is on you and you can be your own protector. Therefore it is "SAFER" to get inside your room.

Well, this was my take on SOLO TRAVEL GUIDE when in Delhi.

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