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Discovering The Maunderer In The Charm of Chandigarh - Part II

Early morning, the golden sun was about to shine bright, the birds were chirping sweet, an artistic morning wasn’t expected in this TaylorMade city. Early but lazy morning, I had. However, had a feeling of spring as soon as I got out of bed with memories of yesterday and amusing zeal for today. The “ Organized City ” makes a call to the “Unorganized Aanya”, I thought. A refreshing glass of juice and a couple of sandwiches was my breakfast with which I started finding myself an Uber . In a few minutes, I was on the wheels again, driven down to the Vegan Fest - Day 2. To me, it seemed the festival was more about saving animals than focusing on veg dishes. Reason being PETA was also invited. Was pretext misplaced? Well, dunno, neither had head to ponder as long as things serve the purpose, what say guys? All I know is I enjoyed Falafel and Ratatouille before I fetched for myself another cab asking driver to make the best use of this day with exploring some amazing places in the cit

Travel to Chandigarh to Witness The Unpolluted Beauty - Part 1

An organized approach to civilized society was last witnessed in Mohenjo-Daro so far as the subcontinent is concerned until we heard the name of the city that is the capital of Punjab and Haryana both. Yes, Chandigarh. Probably only city in north India that makes you fall in love with it due to its people.  The City of Beauty - Chandigarh Indeed, the organized architecture of the city, the gardens, the lakes, the roads, the markets, the food, and its traffic police, everything is fabulous, but what makes the city stand apart is people - polite, helping, friendly, sophisticated, and cultured, something which is rare in north India.  My experience with the city was a two-day affair. But it lasted almost fortnight. Because I wanted to experience all I have heard about the city - the most famous thing I have heard is experiencing peace in the traffic. And, boss, it was exactly how it is. For a few minutes, I stuck in sector 34A, and my god, no honking, no shouting, no people r

Beat The Heat Travel Freely: Dresslily Camouflage Shorts

“It is super hot here! Why God, Oh, Why?” This is me each time during the summer at home. My mom can’t make me do the thing as many as this heat of summer does years after years. This time it made me find encouragement from Google itself. Surprised? Well, let me narrate a crazy incident recently I caricatured. In order to avoid the heat and find myself so, ET sort of consolations, I went into the debate with Google Assistant. “Hey Google, What is the temperature today?” “Wow! Triple Digits! - Today in Lucknow the temperature is 101”, she replied “Don’t you think it is too hot here?” “Some of my data centers run as hot as 95 degrees Fahrenheit! *inserts fire emoji*” “But it is 101 degrees Fahrenheit here” “I’m no hotter than death valley, which holds the record of 134.06 degrees Fahrenheit” *sun emoji* *shock emoji* “Thanks for the encouragement google!” (*sits and cries in the corner*) I really dunno if the encouragement was sufficient enough or not, but it did one good thing, stimu