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Cultures Around The Country - Rosegal Vintage Rings Collection

Ornaments and Indians are inseparable. Having traveled to a lot of places I witness a cultural change in every city. From Southern cities like Kerela to Bangalore or in the North from Jammu to Jaipur. In the West from Ahmedabad to Ujjain and in the east from Darjeeling to Nepal. I see women donning beautiful emeralds and gems on their fingers. They carry different style, patterns, and design they are from different cultures but their love for rings is undying; similar is mine! Wherever I am traveling I love to collect sovereigns for my room. However, when I make a visit to any city the only thing I love to get for myself, which is mandatory are rings. Why? Once I have a whole lot of collection will let you know! Rings either dainty or feminine, I love all kinds. It was a few weeks back I wanted to add a new ring to my collection, however, I had just returned from my trip and had no plans for next within a week. The crazy craving could not stop me from searching them online. I landed on

Zoom Into Summer With Zaful Collections of Red Shorts

Have you ever thought of walking by the river in the wee hours giving complex to the rising sun of the hues? It was quite a match of rays with the rays and shades with the shades. For a traveler, sunrise and sunset are nothing less than a cosmic romance with nature. But, the same sun turns beast for the beauty during the summers, especially if you are traveling. This scorching heat made me think twice before I started packing for my last trip to Chandigarh and I am sure, scenes in my living room will not be different when I will be packing for my next trip to Mumbai. Usually, it’s messy affair to decide what to wear and how to wear in accordance with the weather and the location. However, things have become easy for me of late as I’m on the experiment spree customizing lot many pieces into a silhouette that usually is not. Don’t you believe me? Check out my last YouTube video . You know what? Becoming ramp ready while being street smart became even easier when I was approache

Travel Edit : Summer Travel Essentials

“I um… where?” I inquired “As confused as ever” - Mirror smirked “Do you know how difficult it is for a travel blogger to find inspiration in clothes when nature itself motivates us?” I argued Mirror responded quickly, “Yeah, big words”. It seemed to me that I was losing the battle against myself, but no. My eyes were already chuckled and glued to something overwhelmingly beautiful. While I was checking out this stuff with twinkling eyes, came the voice from the behind, “Aren't you gonna pack light?” Mirror literally screamed. “Traveling is easier than picking up the clothes for traveling”. I console myself. “Traveling is so easy to maneuver, so quintessential and happening!” I mimicked the words people say about a traveler, traveling, and traveler’s lifestyle. the ever-so happening Life Of A Travel Blogger. The voice outside my head woke me up with the self-thoughts and commanded me to be super quick. “What a mess I have been!” I quickly moved, cleared the desk and bed