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Truth or Dare : Solo Girl Travel

Difficult times they are when a traveler isn't traveling. While I was thinking and preparing a checklist , bro jumped in, “Yaar, you are such a free spirit, must be feeling so nice, no?” “Umm..yaah..”, Until the question, I was sleeping on the checklist, but he wakes me up. “Feels nice”, his words started making rounds between the heart and the mind. However, normal, his question stuck in between. He is the one always fascinated with my Solo Traveling and Being a Wanderer.  “Why did he ask such a question?”, I questioned myself. He knows me well and my mindset, my opinions and is aware of the atmosphere around me as well. It took me little time but found out why little birdie asked me this. Well, it is because of me being a Solo “Girl” Traveler. I smirked at him. He looked at me as if he got to know my reply even without me uttering a word. Solo “Girl” Traveler - the point to the problem lies in here. It tells a lot about the global society we are. Interestingly, the most