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Taste of India: 5 Restaurants to relish your taste buds!

I have a problem with my readers. Although they like reading my blogs, they never asked me as how do I survive while traveling so many destinations ? Yeah, I'm talking about fueling myself with food while traveling width and breadth of India, from Nainital to Thiruvananthapuram and from Jaipur to Jalpaiguri. Indeed, being a vegetarian is a challenge in India, especially if you are a  solo travel blogger . But, if you perspire a little hard in and around your destination, you would end up having a sweet fruit at the end. During last 6 months, I traveled to Delhi, Nainital, Naukuchiatal, Jaipur, Agra, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Varanasi, Sikri and a few places more.  Traveling is so much fun - watch my one of the Travel Music Video here:  Each destination has its own story, as you read in my blogs. But, do you know that each place has its taste too? Well, accumulating my experiences in past six months of dining, I'm coming up with one of my favorite restauran

Lucknow Mahotsav - The True Cultural Epitome Demands Overhaul

Aditi: Since how many years you have been a travel blogger? Me: 2 years, and you? Aditi: Do you have a bucket list? Me: Indeed, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Himachal are on the cards. Aditi: Hey, BTW, from which city you are? Me: *Thinking* Ummm...Lucknow Aditi: Ahhaaaaan, to aap Nawabon ki Nagri se hai...Adab our Tehzeeb ke Shaher se *Gesturing the Adaab* A travel blogger does not cook up but lives real life experiences , and above one has always been reality whenever I am on my escapade. Suddenly, you find people changing their language as well as body language as soon as they hear, Lucknow. The conversation becomes a pendulum between far-reaching travel experiences and my hometown. Have you noticed people in the surrounding stretch straight as soon as you name Lucknow? The name itself speaks of its culture and grandeur. You all have already seen my SLOW and got to know me talking about my hometown is fascinating yet complicated sometimes. The present-day Lucknow has its character refle

Life in Lucknow Is Leisure and Fun Beyond Stereotypes

"Let me Live Lucknow Life For Leisure and Luxury" For some, who travels the destinations, talking about their own town or city is demeaning. However, I find it even more satisfying to unveil the hidden gems of my hometown; especially, if the name of the city is Lucknow . The history of the city has always been talked about but rarely have seen people talking about the present-day culture of the city,  except gigantic parks of political influence. For those unaware souls, I introduce current state of the social affair through my today's SLOW. The Lucknow has always been known for celebrating life beyond religious bias. Lucknow Mahotsav is one magnanimous and magnificent example of social harmony that Lucknow is the epitome of.  This year there were several changes made with regards to Lucknow Mohatsav. Changes in the name of the so-called developments. The essence of Mohatsav seemed to have faded to me, which should ring alarm bells in the administrative circles. However,