The Love Travel: From Delhi to Down South

Veni Vidi Amavi 
We Came. We Saw. We Loved

Mumbai - 40s, 60s, or era of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan - The Classic Love Story of Mumbai has never changed

Delhi - Doesn't matter the chill, neither the fog...the chirping around malls in Delhi is all time high during the winters

Jaipur - Subtle and sophisticated - the mushy-mushy syndrome instantly becomes mature here and finds a suitable nest during winters

Lucknow - A few hearts know how to beat in each other’s comfort during winters

Agra - All you need is faith and bravery - no not to fall in love but to be with love on a chilling evening for a fun ride

Varanasi - The city of Sanskar does not find a couple hand-in-hand an alteration, but nurtures the social sanity throughout the winters

Thiruvananthapuram - God’s own country sustains a strong footprint of pre-nuptial love stories that surface during winters.

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