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And It's A Road Trip To Mukteshwar!

"Mukteshwar - Nature’s Own Oasis To Enlighten" And it’s a Road Trip! Ever since traveling has become a pure fuel – road trip has been on the wish list. Of course, like always you will all get to know the tinzy-minzy details of how it started, preparations, and the ultimate satisfaction. The God of Thunder, Lightning, and Rain had announced it from the beginning of the day that this day will bring in something more apart from the first showers of monsoon. While enjoying a sip of tea with my parents in my balcony – I took the topic of discussion to traveling! (No, guesses at all) I would love to go on a road trip one day, for sure! “Where to?” asked dad. “Somewhere in the hills” giggled me. “Too far?” he enquired. “Meh, haven’t decided yet,” “Are you planning something for me?” I questioned surprisingly. “Go to Nainital it’ll be a practice trip” Dad sipped his tea with the ultimate satisfaction. The next day I was packing my bags and making reservations and to-do lists. What


"Solo Traveling has never been a worry to my parents! - A lie never addressed." Speaking about my parents they have always been curious to know the following (Yes, there are a bundle of questions!): 1. Where am I going? 2. Solo, With Friends, or Groups? 3. Itinerary These are the major ones, the rest are decided and dependent upon the answers i provide them to the above questions. I would never claim myself to be a solo traveler, but an enthusiastic traveler at heart - who lives and breaths travel. So, ironically when I told my parents - I want to go to Delhi, they readily agreed. Woah? Seriously? You send me to Delhi alone and ask me questions when I go trek to mountains? There is a bunch of questions rolling on the internet that foreign travelers (Specially) ask: - Is it safe to travel to India? - Is Delhi a safe city for solo girl travelers? - What are the kinds of clothes taken while traveling in India? - Scams to avoid in Delhi The above are the most asked

New Delhi Travel Blog - A Perfect Amalgamation of Tradition and Trends

New Delhi and Mumbai - the two phenomenal cities in India that require no introduction. From the traveler point of view - these two cities are the pit stops for the tourists. It is from either of the cities that the tourists glean their first impressions of the country. It is through these cities that the tourists and travelers entangle the ropes of traveling in India. Where on one hand Mumbai has been the gleaming commercial capital of India - New Delhi the national capital has a charm of its own. The perfect blend of Old Delhi and New Delhi wears the cape of both Indian tradition and western trends perfectly. A complete cultural extravaganza is what Delhi offers you! By now you must be aware that I have been off for a week-long Solo trip to Delhi in the month of June. The solo trip had not just made me learn so many things but also gave me memories afresh. A lot of people might say - Delhi is not a “traveler’s hub” . To correct them - Delhi indeed is a traveler’s hub - wher