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Blessed And Blissful - Road Trip To Ahi-Kshetra Jain Temple

Serendipity, serenity, and self - three magical words that solely defines this journey that redirects you from our-worldly illusions to inner peace and self-discovery. We all were remotely taught a word called “Almighty” but were never taught about how to find that being. Well, turn inwards. It's in you, or it's you. Travel to Calmness A place of faith and travel, a combination that is guaranteed to attain a goal one set for. A few months back, during a long weekend that encountered our busy lives, my family and I thought of missing Lucknow's peace and discover our own away from Lucknow. We decided not to waste time here in Lucknow visiting the same old shopping malls and engaging in a meaningful traffic jam caused by sane Lucknowite, we arranged our own journey as I had already cleared about this “travel bug” biting each one in my family.  And if you think finding a sensible place around Lucknow is a cakewalk, you should have it daily. We looked and search

Nepal Blog - A Taste Of The Foreign Land

Hello Sleep Lovers! As the seasoned travelers suggest, “the best journey is unplanned journey”. Contrary to that, ours was well planned; in fact, more than 10 times. Many feathers ruffled from the initial plan that was drawn by 8 of us college friends. However, reasonable, I did not like friends departing from the plan. In a huff of the moment, the three of us; Shireen, Shivanshu, and me of course, decided to carry on with the original plan of visiting Nepal. The craving of traveling was so tempting that we got all our arrangements done in a split second and were mentally ready to meet all the challenges that may come our way but we're determined to conquer the Kathmandu. The Making of Nepal Trip They were two days of hectic parlays. I am sure the time was not even easy for our parents as they decided to support wholeheartedly. Those were the moment of ecstatic emotions as we planned our trip with such a precision despite being on short notice. We booked our