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A Travel Yet Not Made: Navratri in Gujarat!

Navratri. This is one of those festivals that I feel to have a mystic connection with. I wish I could ever express my deepest feeling to narrate what this festival means to me. Indeed, this festival has a special place in the heart of every Gujarati. I am not a Gujarati but for me, it has meaning that connects with my personality and character. The reason being a Mata Rani Bhakt (if you connect a spiritual aspect) and the other is that I often get engrossed in this ever enchanting environment and the enigmatic impact it leaves on me. Pure energy, sheer positivity, vividity of colors, and above all the fragrances that only I can smell. Besides anything else, Dandiya or Garba (or whatever way you pronounce) has different connotations. It is because the night long dance throws all negative vibes out and reincarnates the body, the mind, and the soul. I do not have answers to your where, how, and where, but the connection became natural to me in last few years. Every year thi