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What's In My Travel Bag?

Hello Readers, How are you? It's been long I have been posting on travel destination that one can escape to, my travel to-do lists and my travel stories! And let me tell you one thing, I haven't been posting since long as I was traveling to Nepal! You can read the blog on Nepal Trip here. And before that let me just get you an insight, what's in my travel bag! Whenever we are travelling it is very necessary to keep our travel bag ready. Travelers especially need to be careful about it. Either it is an impromptu escape or a well planned travel vacation, many time we forget to get some or the other basic necessity. Well, I have my own stories of forgetting my toothbrush (thankfully I was travelling with my family, so dad got me a new one!) , comb and hair ties many times. Imagine yourself in a new place and you are in search of such basic things. Huh! This not only spoils your mood but people traveling with you too! The abrupt need of things makes you ask f

Unraveling Shimla Like Never Before!

Hello, Travelers!  I am back with sharing yet again a travel experience of mine! This time it's with Shimla! This time I will be trying a new way of letting you know my experience and also letting you know about it if you plan to make an escapade there! I went to Shimla way back in the year 2007. I explored place along with my Dad, Mom, and younger brother. A city is a beautiful place where you see the nature at it's best. Hill stations are a favorite destination for my mom. She loves the snow covered mountains and nature! However, back in those time, I was a huge Bollywood buff! (Okay, I am one now too!) So, my anxiety to explore Shimla was just one question: Will I be able to sit in the toy train where Jab We Met was shot? Yes, I was!  The train leads from Shimla to Kalka and we then were further routed to Bhatinda! (Indeed, a full Jab We Met tour2!) Okay, not wasting much of your time in blabbering my Bollywood and Shimla love! Let me give you an insight about Shiml

Incredible India: From Trails To Tales

Hello Readers, Being an avid and passionate traveler you think of exploring the world. But you know what? When it comes to exploring our own country is a devastating task. Every city you travel, every new place leads to another turn. There are a number of places you must have not heard of! The Indian subcontinent is one of the most diverse countries on planet Earth, a fact, which is known to all! India has some of the coldest places in Kashmir, the wettest city in the world- Cherapunji, one of the hottest places of the world-The Thar Desert and some beautiful beaches and magnificent architectures that are hard to miss. There a number of sagas those are told about India and its spectacular cities. Every city speaks for itself, unique in its own way and has something for each traveler. Explore the North where it hosts to you the Himalayan ranges snow covered mountain ranges, the splendid temples of the South, the culture and traditions of the East and the beaches and